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Welcome to the first king project!


The First-King will be single player FPS(First person shooter) open source game with some RPG elements, that will be using IRRlicht and IRRKlang libraries as base for developing the game engine.

IRRai engine will be used for the AI engine. We'll try to develop our code in classes and that those can be re-used for other projects.

The objective of this project is to create a game using a team approach.
A documentation PDF as been written to give the guidelines of the project.

The project will be mainly developped for Windows XP/Vista, but will surely be ported to Linux/Macintosh when we will have a complete team.

Here is a concept sketch done by David Torres for one of the character in the game.

Quick description of the story:

Main idea: A Rogue Archeologist is searching for a lost knownledge

Character (Main Player):

A man, mix between Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. The character have a rich education and is facisnated about ancient civilisations and legends. He became famous and rich doing explorations and video documentaries.

Doing research for some time in different parts of the world. He always wear a camera, because he resell the images after as a documentary video to make money.
He often, do not conform to rules when doing exploration.

Story (Cutscenes)

Discovered about the legend of the Knowledge of the ancients, by having a vision when the character found a Mayan Crystal Skull in a previous exploration.

A partner in Egypt told him the governement closed all Gizea Plateau site because they found something. They put the army to protect the site and don't tell anyone what is happening.
The partner investigated and seem's that they found some secret underground tunnels under the pyramids.

The player decide to equip himself and go there. He learn that there are arrival of specific type of digger robots and learned how to reprogram them. His plan is to be the first to find the chambers and film it to prove to the world that it exist. He thinks that the knowledge of the ancients is hidden there.

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