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Current Team

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Christian Clavet,
Project lead, Game/Level designer,
Level modeler, Programmer (C++ Irrlicht)

Student at Ubisoft Campus / Dawson college

(Luc Bruant),
Lead Engine programmer

David Torres,
Character artist and animator
Character rigger,
Technical concept artist

Developer at Caurium (spain)

Spain (spanish)

Chris Mash,
AI engine lead and developper (IRRai engine)

Developer at Sony UK (Europe)

UK irrAI Webpage
Charlie Bicho,
Concept artist

Student at Ubisoft Campus / Dawson college

Marc-André Belleau
Concept coloring/texturing artist

Student at Ubisoft Campus / Dawson college



Team Needed!
We're still looking for developers in different areas for completing our team for this project:

- C++ Programmers (Game engine) (IRRlicht)
- C++ Programmers (Dev Tools - Level editor) (IRRlicht)

- C++ Programmers (Porting: Linux, Macintosh)
- C++ Programmers (Debugging and code cleanup)

- Character animators / riggers
- Assistant modelers

- Music artist
- SFX (Sound Effect Artist)

Please contact us via the forum, or via EMAIL

Current Status
The project is in now in Pre-Alpha (Pre-Production).
- Player camera FPS system is mostly completed. Example given as source and binary
- Level editor is started, basic functionnalities are working
- Guardian warrior model mostly completed. Still need to be animated and rigged.
- Need to create a prototype for the first level

Next phase: (Alpha 1)
- Level modeling & design for the Gizea Plateau, Egypt (Pyramid, Sphinx, ruins, etc)
- Interior modeling (tunnels, underground temple, the portal)
- Creating ingame models (Digger robots, fences, vehicles(static)) Logo