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FK editor
Hi, I'm currently enhancing the IRRlicht model viewer to be of use in the project:"The first king".

This tool is aimed to help level creation, and character animation work. I also plan to use the editor as an Cutscene editor, for creating animations to use as "cutscenes" during the game. Other planned work are to implement viewing model with Normal/Specular maps on them.


Current Screenshots: (Click on the thumbnail to see it bigger)

See the image bigger
See the image bigger
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Screenshot 1

Current features:

Here are the current features:
- Multiples viewmodes: 4 Viewport, Single view: perspective, top, front, side views
- Animation tool for defining and playing animated mesh
- Lighting tools to add shadow volume on the mesh and remove it
- Support multiple meshes loading in a single scene
- selector window to select the mesh and modify them, place them.
- Have a selection tool to select the mesh to animate
- Can move the mesh directly with the mouse in 4 viewport mode
- Can also move, rotate, scale mesh with a numeric panel
- Edition can be done in all views including perspective.
- Configuration file can change the display mode (full screen, windowed, resolution can be set or desktop resolution can be choosen)

Some details:
- Panning the view in the orthogonal view take place with the left mouse button. Right mouse button in perspective view, rotation is done with left mouse button for perspective view.
- Zooming is done with the mouse wheel. (all views)

Perspective mode:
In move mode, right mouse button does move in Y axis. Left mouse move in X,Z.
In scale mode, the mousewheel scale the model
In rotate mode, the right mouse button rotate the Z axis. Left mouse move the X,Z


Download FKeditor


This is the level editor to create the levels for the game. This application has just started it's developpement and minimal features have been added.